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Since 1978 
Our retail location has been in the Imperial Beach, CA area since 1978 !  We are open every day from 10:00 a.m. till 8:00 p.m.  We are just minutes from the border.  Orders may be called in for pickup during store hours.  Stop in and say Hi !  

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New portrait colors from Eternal !  
1 oz. size $ 15.00 each
Mom's tattoo ink !
1/2oz. $ 10.00 each or 2 for $ 15.00
Dynamic tattoo ink !  The black is one of the best in the business !  We carry from 1 oz. to 8 oz.
1 oz. - $ 15.00
8 oz. - $ 45.00
Gray wash set from Eternal !  1 oz. size.  3 piece set. 
$ 45.00
Many colors to chose from.
1/2 oz. size $ 10.00 each or
2 for $ 15.00
Biotouch cosmetic ink in stock.  Sold individually or as set.
$ 8.00 each or
2 for $ 15.00
Led light box comes in 2 sizes !
Stencil machines in stock !  Turns your original art into tattoo stencils !
USA stencil paper !  Sold by the sheet or box !
"Stencil Stuff" makes stencil application snap !
Stencil care is another option for stencil application.  Size 1oz.
Skin suffer pens.  Several colors available.  Safe to tattoo over.
New  from Hummingbird !  " Bronc" pen style rotary tattoo machine !  Uses sterile , disposable cartridges.  High end Swiss motor !
Hummingbird rotary with Swiss  motor !  Different colors to chose from !
Stealth rotary !  Excellent machine.  Many colors to pick from.
Newest edition of the "Bronc"!  New mini size !  Also has high end Swiss motor !  Color choices !
Many different styles of 10 wrap liners and 12 wrap shaders in stock.  10 wrap liner shown.
Many 10 wrap liners and 12 wrap shaders available.  Style shown is 12 wrap shader.
New digital power supplies !
Dual digital power supply.  One side for liner & one for shader.  Very durable !
New mini digital power supply.  As much power as the large size in a new compact size !
Digital power supply.  Economical and dependable.
New power supply !  Needs NO foot pedal !  Simply tap to turn on !
Hurricane 2 power supply.  All digital !  Many different possible presets !
Sterile, disposable tattoo grips!  All grips made with gel center to cushion arms & hands from machine  vibration !  Sold individually or in 25 count boxes.
Sterile, disposable tattoo needles available as singles or in 50 count boxes for a discount !
Black nitrile exam gloves.
Many styles of foot switches are in stock.
Many medical supplies, including  vitamin A&D ointment.
Different styles of clip cord available.
Derma Numb tattoo anesthetic.  FDA safe to help pre- numb skin before tattooing !
Many different machine parts !
Hand wrapped tattoo machine coils.  10 wrap & 12 wrap.
Tattoo aftercare products !
Aftercare for body piercings.
Tattoo backpack.  Stay organized !
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Just minutes from the Border !!
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Inner Visions Tattoo Supply     
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